5 Most Common Causes for Bowing Walls in Atlanta GA

Bowing Walls in Atlanta GA

Have you noticed your basement walls bowing inward? This is often a sign of a problem with your foundation. Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing the DIY kits for repairing bowing walls even before they determine the actual cause of the bowing. This doesn’t solve the problem but postpones it. In many cases, an even more serious problem develops.

Learning what’s causing the bowing walls is the first step to applying a long-term remedy to the problem. The following are common causes for bowing in foundation walls:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure

This is one of the most common causes for wall bowing. When the water in the soil surrounding the basement walls exerts high pressure against the walls, the walls are pushed inward. This is a common occurrence during the long rains, in areas with high water tables or when there are leaky pipes or gutters.

Such a problem cannot be solved by installing supports as those provided in DIY kits. You’ll need to install a drainage system and a sump pump to relieve the pressure against the walls.

  1. The roots of neighboring plants and trees

Do you have shrubs or trees growing close to the foundation of your house? If so, the roots of the trees may be causing the bowing walls. Tree and shrub roots spread out in search of water and nutrients. They may therefore grow and exert pressure on the walls of your foundation, causing them to bow inwards.

You may have to cut down the trees or shrubs around the foundation to remedy this problem. An expert can investigate the extent of the root growth and advise you accordingly.

  1. Settling of the soil

The soil beneath your home shifts with time under the weight of the foundation. However, the soil around the foundation walls can also exert pressure against the foundation walls as it settles too. This often occurs with soils such as clay that expand a great deal when wet.

  1. Poor construction

Bowing may also result from poor construction. If the foundation is not properly built, then there may be issues with it in the future. This is often the case where contractors take shortcuts or rush a job e.g. using the wrong sill plate sizes.

  1. Time

Just like with other parts of your home, your foundation needs some love and attention too. Maintenance is vital to ensure that the foundation doesn’t succumb to the wear and tear of time.

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