EZ Breathe: The Ideal Alternative to Your Dehumidifier

EZ Breathe

Over 87% of basements have moisture problems according to the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA). With high moisture levels in your basement, there will be toxic mold growth, allergens and other toxins traveling in your house.

Eventually, your family is affected by allergic attacks, respiratory problems and other health problems caused by toxic mold and other allergens. Worse still, high humidity ruins your fittings including carpets, wall paper and wood cabinets among others.

The Innovative EZ Breathe Technology

The major problem here is that most of these homeowners depend on dehumidifiers in the crawl spaces or they just neglect these spaces. The new EZ Breathe Ventilation Technology is optimized to overcome all the problems your dehumidifier cannot solve. This is a maintenance-free unit that works to protect your family against effects of excess moisture indoors.

To appreciate how it works, consider an American Lung Association (ALA) report, which argues that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Well, a dehumidifier just circulates the same air indoors by removing moisture from the polluted air and then warming it before releasing it back. This creates the sick home syndrome, where pollutants are circulated over and over again.

But there is more; for your dehumidifier you have bucket loads of water to empty and there are also maintenance costs such as air filter replacements to consider. Basically, this over 100-year moisture solution is outdated because it does not only require costly maintenance but also keeps you busy throughout.

The Beauty of EZ Breathe Technology

While the dehumidifier has been in use for decades, it is always better to leverage more efficient technology. The EZ Breathe Ventilation system works ingeniously by exchanging air in your basement with fresh air, while at the same time drawing our vacuumed polluted air from the basement.

It vacuums air in your basement and drives it out, through a vent running from the system in the basement to the atmosphere above ground. An air vacuum is created in the basement and the driest air is sucked from the house. You will have set the optimal humidity level and once this is reached, the ventilation system automatically vacuums air again thus allowing more dry air to come from the house.

The secret to good air quality (IAQ) used by this technology, is allowing for full air circulation as opposed to a dehumidifier which just circulates the air present indoors.

Well, there is no denying the ingenuity behind this technology. The best thing about it is that you will ventilate your entire house at only $2 a month. With no more messy water buckets to empty and filters to change, it is obvious this is the best alternative to a dehumidifier.