Have a Happy & Healthy Home with the Power of EZ Breathe

Have a Happy & Healthy Home with the Power of EZ Breathe

What makes a good home, where significant amounts of time can be spent without even noticing? This is a question that is debatable because different people look at comfort from different perspectives. Some regard sweet smelling food as a priority in their homes; others prefer a nicely built bathroom while another will argue that a good home is a big house.

But what is all that without good air quality in your home? Every home needs an efficient way of getting rid of that stale air from the kitchen and damp, ‘used’ air from other rooms. If stale, contaminated and damp air is left to build up in your home, you might start experiencing problems that will include allergic reactions. Common respiratory conditions are also known to be aggravated by poor airflow.

Bad air quality in a house will definitely make it less of a good home, but the good news is that it is easy to improve the quality of air inside your home. The options are various; from the simple opening of windows to the more sophisticated installations such as the EZ Breathe ventilation system. Here are some of the simple measures you can take to improve air quality in your house.

Keep doors and windows open.

This does not require much effort and should be done on a daily basis to keep air flowing in and out of the rooms. It will particularly help in the kitchen during food preparation to remove the odors of food and unwashed dishes.

Maintain a clean house.

Cleaning your house not only makes it tidy, but it also gets rid of any bad smell and dust. Avoid situations that encourage accumulation of dust and bad smells. Make cleaning of large fabrics that harbor pollutants a frequent exercise.

Keep moisture levels at minimum.

High levels of moisture in a house are not good for you and the building as well. Retained moisture in a house will weaken the structure, cause unpleasant odors and also abet mold growth. Some indicators that you have a case of too much moisture in your house are, musty smell on your clothes, sweating pipes, staining of walls and so on.

Use natural fragrances.

Plants such as cinnamon and lemon can be used to bring in natural scents as compared to synthetic fragrances. Living plants also produce oxygen which is a nice thing. If your fridge has bad odors, mixing some baking soda in a container can get rid of the bad smells.

Install a ventilation system.

Having a ventilation system such as EZ Breathe in your home helps to remove ‘used’ air and replace it with fresher and cleaner air from outside.