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Basement Wall Cracks: Repair Methods You Should and Shouldn’t Use Acworth, GA

  When you see basement wall cracks, you most likely want to fix them right away. You will especially want to do so if the cracks are large, or if they are horizontal, as that may be a sign of major structural damage. Here are some ways in which professionals can repair basement wall cracks…

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What To Do When You See Foundation Cracks In Cinder Block Walls – Atlanta, GA

At one point, cinder block was a popular material in homes. This type of material is much lighter than solid concrete and does provide good protection from the elements. However, cinder block also has many flaws of its own. Due to its delicate nature, it is very prone to cracking. Cracks in your cinder blocks…

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cracked foundation

Buying a Home with a Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA

Cracked Foundation in Acworth GA So, you’ve found the perfect house. The one that you’ve been dreaming of since you determined that you want to be a homeowner. There’s only one problem: It has a cracked foundation. Should you go ahead and buy it? How can you determine just how bad the damage is? Is…

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