Use Durashield to Keep Mold Out


Finishing your basement is a positive step towards creating more livable space in your home. However, you’re likely to encounter several problems in the process. One of which is getting rid of that musty smell for good. Durashield can help you not only create a great finish for your basement but also get rid of that musty smell that has kept you away all this time.

Why my Basement Stinks

Basements are often parts of the home that are neglected. Many people use their basements for storage and hardly ever visit the space unless it is unavoidable. A damp and dark basement provides the perfect environment for the growth and development of mold.

That musty smell coming from your basement is one of the first indications that you are dealing with a mold problem. Molds do well in areas that are damp and dark. A basement with a seepage problem therefore provides the perfect environment for an infestation.

How to Effectively Deal with Mold

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Mold after all can be simply cleaned out. A little bleach and soap can get rid of those black spots. But that is not true. There is much more to mold than meets the surface, literally. The parts you see on the surface only represent a small percentage of the actual mold in your home. Molds penetrate wall panels and can infest an entire home without being noticed.

Cleaning the dark spots and removing the fruiting bodies will only take care of the surface. The molds will continue to pose a threat to your home if not properly dealt with. The only solution is to call in a professional team for mold remediation.

What Next

Now that the mold is gone, what should you do next? Mold remediation ensures that all mold is cleared from your home. However, mold can still find their way back into your home if you don’t take precaution.

Durashield is a cost effective way of ensuring that your basement remains mold free for a long time to come. It keeps moisture out of the basement, therefore denying mold what they need to survive and thrive.

In addition to keeping the basement dry, durashield provides an attractive finish that goes a long way in ensuring that your finished basement has a great look. You get to solve several problems with a single system.

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