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3 Signs that You Need Interior Basement Waterproofing | Athens, GA

You’ll have several options when it comes to basement waterproofing. In most cases, the systems you will be presented with can be categorized as external or internal waterproofing systems. The different systems aren’t the same. They are designed to address different issues. If you want good performance out of your waterproofing system, you should ensure…

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The Importance of Keeping Sewer Lines Clean | Roswell, GA

Sewer Lines It’s important to remember that flood-proofing a home basement only has a few things in common with waterproofing large structures like apartment buildings, hotels, or parking lot garages. It’s true that both usually have floor drains that can be maintained by snaking a pipe with electrically-powered drain cleaning rooter machines. However, unplugging a…

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4 Factors That Increase Your Need For Basement Waterproofing – Atlanta, GA

Are you wondering whether you need to invest in basement waterproofing or not? If you’re affected by any of the following factors, you should contact a waterproofing contractor as soon as possible. Extreme weather conditions Basement flooding is often the result of extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms and hurricanes. Water is likely to pool…

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Why You Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump in Times of Basement Flooding

Spring brings beautiful sunny days, blossoming flowers, and relief from the just ended, harsh, cold weather. But, something unexpected may be happening around your home. The rapid snowmelt, frequent rains, and swollen rivers are increasing the water table around the house. The ground water table rises, and crawlspace and basements start soaking in water.


What Are French Drains, and How Do They Prevent Basement Flooding in Alpharetta GA 30004?

French drains are a fantastic way of preventing basement flooding in Alpharetta GA 30004 and have been in use since the 1800’s. Popularized by a farmer named Henry Flagg French in Massachusetts, French Drains bare his namesake, and are based on the simple gravitational principle that water always runs down hill.

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How To Prevent A Flooded Basement in Acworth This Winter

Prevent a Flooded Basement in Acworth When winter begins to set in, it is time to think about how best to protect your basement from flooding. The heavy snow melting is the perfect recipe for a flooded basement in Acworth. In fact, the winter season is probably the worst season for your basement. Keeping warm…

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